Analysis of the organic food industry in malaysia

The halal standard should be used together with MS and MS In order for Malaysia to be established as a global halal hub, the Malaysian government prefers in encouraging Muslim SMEs participation. High Concentration of suppliers Organic Food Please edit this page to add a description… Threat of Substitutes Ample number of substitutes Organic Food Please edit this page to add a description… Substitute product is inferior Organic Food An inferior product means a customer is less likely to switch from Organic Food to another product Add your input to organic-food's five forces template.

According to Mohammad Noorizzuddin et al.

Organic Food Trends, Competitive Position And Swot Analysis

These are i consumer awareness of food safety ; ii extension and support from the government; iii compliance with the law and iv recommendation of industry associations. Because of that, the halal concept and standard is also recognized as a broad based system or a comprehensive standard that concentrates on the aspect of quality, wholesomeness, safety and health MATRADE, ; Jafri, ; Riaz, ; Mariam, ; Norlia, Consequently, HACCP can be described as a catalyst in the implementation of hygiene and safety features in food preparation.

They should also inspect the production process to ensure it does not get exposed to any contamination with Najis either during production or storage.

The frozen food demand in Malaysia is also expected to play a significant role in the growth of the frozen food industry in Malaysia as the country is witnessing a period of economic consolidation and the population is also rising at a fast rate for the past few years.

Also, the increasing population of employed women coupled growing availability of freezing medium is likely to impact the growth of frozen food companies favorably across the world. Referring to Mohamad asmaller nations like Malaysia are bound to face difficulties in competing in the global trade economy that is mostly dominated by larger economies, as well as it is a complex process to develop adequate resources for their food industry development and trading.

Sale through online retailers has seen a rise due to available discounts and easy delivery.

Organic Market Analysis

Future of Frozen Food Industry in Malaysia The frozen food industry in Malaysia is a rapidly growing market in the Asia Pacific and as the country has a developed industrial sector coupled with a skilled workforce, the frozen food companies in Malaysia are poised to register a steady growth in the next five years.

Supported with research findings by Konecka et al.

Organic Packaged Food in Malaysia

Moreover, with reference to some literature reviews, it is shown that the halal issues are continuously studied but most of them only concentrated on the field of marketing. A strong financial sector, developed infrastructure, significant resources, competitive costs, and liberal and transparent investment policies make Malaysia an ideal destination for foreign investment.

Furthermore, Malaysian Standards are aligned to the adoption of the international standards and are reviewed periodically to ensure their efficiency from time to time. Organic food sales increased by 6. Like many other food industry sectors, the organic food market was hit by the global financial crisis as consumers prioritized budgets over other concerns.Looks like organic food has gone from a new-age trend to a staple in supermarkets and many American diets.

According to a new analysis from the Organic Trade Association (OTA), organic food sales in jumped 11 percent to $ billion, claiming almost 5 percent of the total food sales in the U.S.

The market for organic food has grown by leaps and bounds, driven by the US and Europe and is expected to find a largely blue ocean market in the Asian and South American nations. Global sales of organic food grew by almost % in the last decade. Malaysia: Revenue in the Food & Beverages segment amounts to US$m in The eCommerce market segment Food & beverages contains the online sale of fresh and packaged foods (excluding baby.

Food Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis offers food researchers and industry professionals one place to gain business and market intelligence information to make informed decision on current and future world food trends through convenient reporting options.

Food Industry in Malaysia Market Research & Statistics

Organic, gluten-free, whole grains, and low calorie are some of the many nutritional trends. Producers in the industry invest in more expensive ingredients to create products lower in fat and calories. Organic food can either labelled by foreign certification which is USDA or certify by local organization which is Malaysia Organic Scheme (SOM).

Products that labelled with SOM carry a meaning which is the process of production inspected by department’s Crop Quality Control Division.

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Analysis of the organic food industry in malaysia
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